Wir freuen uns, unsere neuen Mitarbeiter Marija Knezevic und Benedikt Schwab am Lehrstuhl für Geoinformatik begrüßen zu dürfen. Frau Knezevic studierte an der Universität Zagreb Geodäsie und Geoinformatik im Bachelor sowie im Master. Seit 1.3. forscht sie in... [more]

The Chair of Geoinformatics has vacancies for the following positions to be filled as soon as possible (please follow the links below for further information): Researcher / PhD Candidate (f/m/d) 100%, Vehicle Sensor Simulation with Semantic 3D City Models ... [more]

Unsere ehemalige Masterandin Laura Wilhelm wurde mit dem Hochschulpreis des Bayerischen Bauindustrieverbandes für ihre Masterarbeit "Integration von Building Information Modeling und Umweltplanung am Beispiel der Deutschen Bahn" augezeichnet. Sie hat in der... [more]

In the Geomass Data project, the processing of geomass data in the cloud with Docker containers was demonstrated using the example of a solar potential analysis with vegetation model for the entire Munich city area. The results can be viewed in a 3D online... [more]

The Chair of Geoinformatics, in cooperation with the Leibnitz Institute for Ecological and Regional Development (IöR) and Fraunhofer ISE, has determined the theoretical area potential of building facades throughout Germany. At 12,000 square kilometres, it is... [more]

At the graduation ceremony of the Department of Aerospace and Geodesy on Friday, 13.11.2020, our employees Son Nguyen and Dr. Tatjana Kutzner were awarded two teaching prizes in the category "Bachelor Geodesy Exercise" for the courses "Introduction to Computer... [more]

To test automated driving functions, highly-detailed reference maps are created and described in the road networks standard OpenDRIVE. As OpenDRIVE was developed for the very specific field of vehicle simulation, the tool support within the GIS domain is... [more]

Zhihang Yao, research associate at the Chair of Geoinformatics until 2018, successfully defended his doctoral thesis on "Domain Extendable 3D City Models – Management, Visualization, and Interaction" on 9.1.2020. The picture shows from left to right the... [more]

The Chair of Geoinformatics held three presentations at the annual event Center Day at the Leonhard Obermeyer Center (LOC) on 15.11.2019 in Munich.  Prof. Dr. Thomas H. Kolbe gave a speech about "ZD.B Themenplattformen 'Smart Cities & Regions' & 'Digitales... [more]

The Chair of Geoinformatics took part in the internal fair of the Stadtwerke München (SWM) on 17.10. on the topic of digital transformation. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the installation of the first computer at SWM, digitisation projects from all... [more]