The new Faculty of Aeronautics, Astronautics and Geodesy (LRG) at the Technische Universität München (TUM) will start operations in the winter semester 2019 and is part of the School of Engineering and Design which will receive the status "in foundation" on 01.10.2020. ... [mehr]

Ruoxin Zhu successfully defended his doctoral dissertation entitled “Perception of Social-event-induced Human Behavior from Geotagged Social Media Data”.  Many thanks to his first supervisor Prof. Liqiu Meng, co-supervisor Prof. Dirk Burghardt (Chair of Cartographic... [mehr]

Diao Lin successfully defended his Doctoral dissertation entitled "Modeling of Public Transit Accessibility Driven by Spatial Movement Data".  Many thanks for Diao’s first supervisor Prof. Meng, co-supervisor Prof. Constantinos Antoniou (Chair of Transportation Systems... [mehr]

The integration of geodata from different sources is the real challenge for many applications. A recent unibz-TU München research explains how to overcome it. [mehr]

Doctoral candidate, Bing Liu, from the Chair of Cartography, won Best Doctoral Colloquium Paper Award in the 6th Immersive Learning Research Network Conference, iLRN2020. [mehr]

New master thesis topics for the study program "Geodesy and Geoinformation" and "Espace" are now available. [mehr]

Several providers offer online maps or analysis of the spread of the corona epidemic and there effects. [mehr]