Vertiefte Aspekte der Navigationstechnologie


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Receiver Technology

Receiver concepts 1:

  • History
  • fundamentals
  • review of GNSS signal structures
  • basic receiver functions
  • structural elements of a GNSS receiver
  • fundamentals of signal processing

Receiver concepts 2

  • Signal acquisition
  • detectors
  • tracking loops
  • pseudorange generation and position estimator
  • noise performance of DLL and PLL
  • narrow versus wide correlation
  • multipath mitigation

Advanced Aspects:

  • Front-end techniques
  • pre-correlation sampling
  • crystal oscillators
  • GALILEO receivers
  • L2 civil signal implementation
  • codeless and semi-codeless techniques
  • receiver integration levels and component figures

GNSS Applications:

Different lecturers from DLR and from industry highlight various GNSS and navigation applications:

  • Galileo, Precise Time Facility, time synchronization
  • Indoor navigation, sensor fusion
  • Aeronautical applications, integrity
  • Applications in geodynamics
  • Space applications