Satellitennavigation und vertiefte Himmelsmechanik


Modul-Kennung: BV610023

Modulbeschreibung in TUM-Online


The module consists of three lectures; Introduction to Satellite Navigation, Carrier Phase Positioning, and Advanced Celestial Mechanics. The first two lectures are blocked, Introduction to Satellite Navigation takes place in the first part of the semester, Carrier Phase Positioning takes place in the second part of the semester. Carrier Phase Positioning and Advanced Celestial Mechanics are accompanied by exercise labs.

Introduction to Satellite Navigation:

  • Principles of satellite navigation
  • Space segment and ground segment
  • Code and phase observations
  • Observation equations
  • Propagation error sources
  • Differences and linear combinations

Carrier Phase Positioning:

  • Differential GPS and GNSS
  • Carrier smoothing
  • Augmentation systems for aeronautical and other critical navigation tasks
  • Carrier phase ambiguity resolution

Advanced Orbit Mechanics:

  • Orbit determination
  • Selected problems: Lagrange points, swing-by
  • Analytical orbit theory: Hill-theory