Einführung in die Erdsystem-Forschung


Modul-Kennung: BV450001

Modulbeschreibung in TUM-Online


Part A:components of the Earth System (atmosphere, ocean, cryosphere, solid Earth)

  • electromagnetic radiation and matter
  • solar radiation
  • solar radiation and the Earth system
  • radiation balance
  • greenhouse effect
  • astronomical rhythms (day/night, seasons, Milankovitch cycle)
  • atmospheric circulation
  • climate and land
  • oceans
  • mountains
  • deserts
  • what can be measured by satellites (active and passive sensors)

Part B: dynamics of the solid Earth

  • dynamics of the earth interior
  • heat exchange
  • mantle convection
  • lithosphere
  • analysis of seismic wave propagation
  • magnetic field
  • gravity field
  • what can be measured by/ with satellites (GPS, gravimetry, magnetometry, topography)
  • Interaction of inner and outer part of the earth system