The Chair of Carbon Composites has started the project "EntEnBau: Development of a continuous fiber coextrusion process with thermoplastic and thermoset matrix with actively controlled construction space conditioning"

The aim of the project is the development of a coextrusion process of thermoplastic matrix material together with uncured thermoset impregnated continuous fiber strands in a controlled atmosphere. The aim is to achieve a material bond between the fibre strands in the component part and thus a high component strength. The implementation is being carried out together with the project partner myprintoo GmbH. The project partner is responsible for the development of active construction space conditioning and air routing to improve the print quality and layer adhesion of the individual layers and strands. The company is also developing the thermal and emission monitoring and control of the extrusion process. The Chair of Carbon Composites develops the polymer combination of thermoplastic and thermoset material. In addition, TUM takes over the development of the material guidance of the filament with the coextrusion process.

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