TUM’s Silver Badge of Honor awarded to Stephan Maidl and Alexander Matschinski

Proposition for caption: Stephan Maidl and Alexander Matschinski being awarded TUM’s silber badge of honor by Prof. Wolfgang A. Herrmann

The TUMKolleg program celebrated its 10th anniversary in the presence of Minister of Education and the Arts Prof. Michael Piazolo on 25.06.2019. Exceptionally talented students from the Otto-von-Taube-Gymnasium Gauting and the Werner-Heisenberg-Gymnasium Garching took part in a stand-alone branch of upper grades, preparing them for the German Abitur (A-levels). In their final year at school, the students conducted a research project which involved working at a chair at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) one day each week.

Ms. PD Dr. Jutta Möhringer, head of the TUMKolleg program, highlighted the special role of the scientists involved at the chairs and departments of TUM. Their extensive contribution of time and energy to supervise a student did not earn them own research results or publications. However, the TUMKolleg program could not be maintained without their deep dedication. The more honorable was the didactic work which they did every week, according to Ms Möhringer.

In appreciation of their extraordinary commitment in supervising and guiding the student Benedikt Eckardt in the preparation of his research thesis, Stephan Maidl and Alexander Matschinski, both PhD candidates at the Chair of Carbon Composites, were honored by Prof. Kristina Reiss, Dean of the TUM School of Education. Additionally, they both received TUM’s silver badge of honor from Prof. Wolfgang A. Herrmann, President of TUM.

Benedikt Eckardt conducted his research project within the framework of the TUMKolleg program at the Chair of Carbon Composites on the topic of “Optimization of a 3D printer for Manufacturing an Inline Monitoring System for the Braiding Process”. Mr. Matschinski and Mr. Maidl shared their responsibility in supervising the research. Mr. Matschinski took over the guidance of Benedikt’s work concerning 3D printing and Mr. Maidl guided Benedikt’s activities relating to process monitoring during braiding.