A team of members of TUM and the Chair of Carbon Composites (LCC) are participating in the current REXUS programme

The programme allows students to carry out experiments on research rockets. Up to now the structural modules of a REXUS rocket are made of aluminum. A funding by DLR Space Administration allowed LCC to develop a manufacturing strategy for a module made of carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP). The TESOS experiment aims to measure the temperature distribution in the module wall during flight with integrated fibre optic temperature sensors.

Team TESOS is currently in Kiruna, Sweden, for the REXUS 23/24 launch campaign. During the last week communication tests between the rocket service module and the experiment were performed successfully. The TESOS experiment is now ready for launch from Esrange Space Center. The launch is scheduled for Thursday, 15.03.2018 but delays due to changing weather conditions might be possible.

For live experimental data streams during countdown and rocket flight and for supplementary information please visit or our social media channels at Instagram, Twitter or Facebook