LCC celebrates 10th anniversary with a jubilee symposium

Current LCC staff

Impressions from the symposium

Impressions from the evening event

On May 1st, 2009, almost exactly 10 years ago, Prof. Drechsler accepted his call to the Technical University of Munich by taking over the SGL Group endowed chair for "Carbon Composites". Since then, the LCC has devoted numerous research projects to the holistic consideration of fiber-reinforced composites and their applications.

In teaching, a comprehensive range of courses was developed for our students and the topic of "Carbon Composites" was integrated sustainably into the range of courses offered by the Bachelor's and Master's programs. Impressive figures of more than 3,800 written exams and more than 1,000 supervised student theses speak for the attractiveness of the course contents.  The 63 doctoral projects completed underline the scientific diversity and quality of the research content.

On 05.09.2019, the LCC invited its current and former employees and all its supporters and companions from science and industry to a jubilee symposium. Prof. Drechsler looked back on the successes of the last decade and dared to look forward to the upcoming focal topics of composites research and to the already started integration of the chair into the new Faculty of Aerospace Engineering and Geodesy.

Keynote lectures by the two external lecturers, Dr. Christian Weimer (Airbus) and Dr. Oswin Öttinger (SGL), and Dr. Tjark von Reden (MAI Carbon), respectively, demonstrated the diversity of the topic with regard to future developments. In the lectures of the LCC group leaders it became clear that the chair with its interdisciplinary research approach will continue to be the driver for future innovations in the field of carbon composites in the coming years.

Following the symposium, Prof. Drechsler paid tribute to his long-standing right hand, Dr. Elisabeth Ladstätter, and the evening ended with many conversations in a relaxed atmosphere.