Large-scale high-strength parts made with 3D printing

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Robot based 3D printer for processing polymer granulate

The strength of 3D printed parts can be significantly increased by the integration of carbon fibers. At the Chair of Carbon Composites we are developing 3D printing systems that allow for the combination of high performance polymers with continuous carbon fibers. In the project ExtRa-hiPer, the LCC and its partners SWMS Systemtechnik and Dyze Design work on making this technology usable for the production of parts with dimensions of up to 2 x 4 m. This is made possible by the use of industrial robots. Special attention is being paid to the development of an innovative extruder unit that makes it possible to impregnate continuous fibers with high-performance polymers during the printing process. In addition, a path planning software is being developed which ensures that the material is deposited with respect to the load case. The gained knowledge will be applied to the production of a demonstrator.