The chair of Carbon Composites (TUM-LCC) is glad to take part to the first Joint Academy of Doctoral Studies (JADS) in collaboration with the Imperial College of London (ICL). This program focuses on the cross disciplinary research on artificial intelligence,... [more]

At the Chair of Carbon Composites the project REUSELAGE for the process development of pressed long-fibre reinforced thermoplastics (LFT) made of recycled CF/PEEK tape residues starts. During the production of CFRP structures by Thermoplastic Automated Fiber... [more]

The project „ECHTZEIT – Development of a high-precision robot system for automated optical inspections in AFP manufacturing systems“ has started at the Chair of Carbon Composites. Together with the project partner "Walter Seikowsky GmbH" an optical quality... [more]

In cooperation with the Australian National University, the Chair of Carbon Composites held its first hybrid symposium, combining digital and face-to-face participation. With 20 presentations from industry (AFPT, Airbus, BMW, CEAD, GKN, INOMETA, SGL, VICTREX)... [more]

The Chair of Carbon Composites has started a new project “MEX-DES: Additive Manufacturing by Material extrusion with Directed Energy Substrate Preconditioning”. With the project objective of printing the 3D structures with carbon fiber reinforcement on a large... [more]

Additive Manufacturing (AM) has the potential to revolutionize the manufacturing of composites. The combination of AM processes with the already established Automated Fiber Placement (AFP) process offers the possibility of finding new manufacturing approaches,... [more]

Based on the automation technology for composites, the Chair of Carbon Composites researches the possibilities of additive manufacturing approaches in the field of engineering plastics. Size scaling and further development of extrusion-based 3D printing is an... [more]

Dear students, due to the current situation, it is unclear whether we will be able to offer our planned courses in the coming summer semester 2020 in the usual lecture hall attendance form. At present, we expect that we will definitely have to switch to... [more]

A new project on an inline monitoring system for the automated inspection of high-quality braids (IMoFlecht) has started at the Chair of Carbon Composites. After an integrated sensor system for the surveillance of the braiding process predominantly for textile... [more]

The strength of 3D printed parts can be significantly increased by the integration of carbon fibers. At the Chair of Carbon Composites we are developing 3D printing systems that allow for the combination of high performance polymers with continuous carbon... [more]