The project SensoTwin – Sensor-integrated Digital Twin for High-Performance FRP Applications marks the beginning of an academic cooperation between the Chair of Carbon Composites of Technical University of Munich and Deggendorf Institute of Technology focusing... [more]

Due to the threat from SARS CoV 2, the SAMPE Germany Symposium had to take place virtually this year for the first time. When Munich and thus TUM's LCC were chosen to host SAMPE Germany 2021, as usual, a two-day physical meeting was planned. Unfortunately, this... [more]

The project “Intelligent Structural Interior Composite Components with Textile Surface – InstInCT” has been launched at the Chair of Carbon Composites. The new project addresses the combination of effective, economical lightweight design with the economic... [more]

The aim of the project is the development of a coextrusion process of thermoplastic matrix material together with uncured thermoset impregnated continuous fiber strands in a controlled atmosphere. The aim is to achieve a material bond between the fibre strands... [more]

In order to achieve the goals for environmentally friendly aviation, the aviation industry must find energy-efficient and resource-saving solutions not only for the end products but also for their production. Composite materials such as carbon fiber reinforced... [more]

The chair of Carbon Composites (TUM-LCC) is glad to take part to the first Joint Academy of Doctoral Studies (JADS) in collaboration with the Imperial College of London (ICL). This program focuses on the cross disciplinary research on artificial intelligence,... [more]

At the Chair of Carbon Composites the project REUSELAGE for the process development of pressed long-fibre reinforced thermoplastics (LFT) made of recycled CF/PEEK tape residues starts. During the production of CFRP structures by Thermoplastic Automated Fiber... [more]

The project „ECHTZEIT – Development of a high-precision robot system for automated optical inspections in AFP manufacturing systems“ has started at the Chair of Carbon Composites. Together with the project partner "Walter Seikowsky GmbH" an optical quality... [more]

In cooperation with the Australian National University, the Chair of Carbon Composites held its first hybrid symposium, combining digital and face-to-face participation. With 20 presentations from industry (AFPT, Airbus, BMW, CEAD, GKN, INOMETA, SGL, VICTREX)... [more]

The Chair of Carbon Composites has started a new project “MEX-DES: Additive Manufacturing by Material extrusion with Directed Energy Substrate Preconditioning”. With the project objective of printing the 3D structures with carbon fiber reinforcement on a large... [more]