Cure Kinetics Analyser (CKA)

The software Cure Kinetics Analyser (CKA) you are about to download is an academic MATLAB® code or self-extracting package utilizing the Matlab Compiler Runtime (MCR). It is for non-commercial usage only and licensed under GPL 3.0

There is no technical support for CKA.

The liability of the Institute for Carbon Composites for the provided software Cure Kinetics Analyzer (CCA) and its components conforms to § 521 BGB and is therefore limited to intent and gross negligence. The warranty obligation is limited according § 523 et seq. BGB to maliciously concealed defects as to quality and title.

One self-extracting package named “Standalone with MCR” includes the Matlab Compiler Runtime (MCR), which is freely available and free of charge. For more information see:

The “Standalone” comes along with some sample data sets.

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