Mandana Moshrefzadeh

Employed at the Hans-Eisenmann-Forum of the Technical University of Munich, working in close cooperation with the Chair of Geoinformatics.

  • Until 31.3.2019 employee at the Chair of Geoinformatics
  • Since 1.4.2019 employee at the Hans-Eisenmann-Forum
Phone: +49.81.6171.3487 (WZW)
+ (Main campus)
Room: HEF 1-6 (WZW)
0772 (Main campus)
Address: Technische Universität München
Mandana Moshrefzadeh
Hans-Eisenmann-Forum für Agrarwissenschaften
Liesel-Beckmann-Straße 2
85354 Freising
Office hours: By appointment via e-mail

Research interests

  • Smart City
  • Spatial Data Infrastructure
  • CityGML and 3D city models
  • Databased systems
  • Semantic Transformation
  • Spatial ETL
  • Interoperability
  • Coupling GIS and Simulation
  • Landscape Modelling


2019 Development of the Data Infrastructure for HEF
2015 - 2018 Smart Sustainable Districts (EIT Climate-KIC Project) [more..]
2014 Transformation from 3D-building modells into INSPIRE [more..]
2013-2014 Rapid Collection of Building facades in the CAFM Context
2013 OpenFOAM PolyMesh Generation from CityGML




  • Übungen zu Geoinformatik 1 [TUMonline, Moodle]



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