Road transformer r:trån released

The high precision OpenDRIVE dataset of the Marktkaufkreuzung in Ingolstadt which was created by 3D Mapping Solutions GmbH and converted to CityGML with r:trån.

Converted OpenDRIVE dataset visualized with the point cloud of the mobile laser scanning campaign.

To test automated driving functions, highly-detailed reference maps are created and described in the road networks standard OpenDRIVE. As OpenDRIVE was developed for the very specific field of vehicle simulation, the tool support within the GIS domain is limited.

To bridge this gap, the Chair of Geoinformatics has published the road space transformer r:trån on GitHub. The open source project converts available OpenDRIVE datasets to the virtual 3D city model standard CityGML. The dual representation enables the usage of OpenDRIVE datasets within well-established GIS tools such as the 3DCityDB, QGIS and FME. Further demos and application examples can be found on the project website The project was developed in the context of the publicly funded research project SAVe which is led by AUDI AG and brings together several partners from industry, research and public administration.

If you are interested in vehicle environment simulation, have a look at our recent paper where we couple a submicroscopic driving simulator with a pedestrian behavior simulation framework at runtime. The application-specific target formats are automatically generated prior to the simulation run:

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Moreover, these papers may also be of interest:

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