Bachelor Aerospace

Start your personal "Mission Earth" with the Bachelor's Program Aerospace. This study degree program of 6 semesters (3 years) is fully taught in English and is the ideal entry to the global topic of aeronautics and astronautics. We offer a modern, complete, and specialized basic education for tomorrow's aerospace engineers. The program covers all important domains and makes sure to include neighboring and application focused disciplines, enabling students from the start to develop a holistic systems view and learn to solve technically complex problems in all areas of aerospace.

A close partnership with the the companies and start-ups in Bavaria's "Space Valley" makes sure that all students have opportunities to apply their knowledge early on in practical settings. Their broad and at the same time specialized engineering education in theory and practice, enables our graduates to gain quick access to the interational labor market in research and in the aerospace industry.

The Bachelor Aerospace is also the ideal preparation to continue your studies with our consecutive Master's Program Aerospace, giving students further opportunities to deepen and focus their scientific knowledge.

Access requirements

The formal requirements for admission to this bachelor's degree program are

The program is taught entirely in English. Attendance of German-language elective modules is possible.

Structure and Content of Bachelor's Degree Program

Degree Program Structure

The program consists of 19 compulsory modules distributed over the first four semesters. In the fourth semester, in addition to the compulsory modules, the "System Elective" can be selected from a catalog of elective modules. In the fifth and sixth semesters, the focus is then entirely on the practical application of the theories and competencies from the first four semesters, as well as on focusing and specializing based on individual interests. In the fifth semester, students are expected to expand their knowledge practically in the "Engineering Internship", and in group work through the "Engineering Project". The university internship of the "Aerospace Lab Course I" and the elective module catalog of the "Modeling Elective", further optional "Engineering Electives" as well as a smaller "Supplementary Course" allow students to refine their personal competence profile. In the sixth semester, in addition to further elective modules and even greater freedom of choice, the focus is on the bachelor thesis, with which students demonstrate that they have learned to work on a question independently and scientifically.


Contents and Competences

The program provides solid knowledge in aerospace-specific core disciplines (mathematics and systems theory, solid mechanics, fluid mechanics and thermodynamics, materials and machine elements, electrical and information engineering) and builds on this with practical, structured and open teaching formats and a range of specialization offerings.

The following graphic illustrates the transfer of competencies throughout the course of study. The connecting arrows shown here are only to illustrate the most important connections, but make no claim to completeness with regard to the cross-connections in the course of study:

Pre-study internship

Pre-study internship upon start of program

First-year students need proof of at least an 8-week pre-study internship to start their studies in October.

Proof of pre-study internship

Application, Admission, Enrolment


The application for the Bachelor Aerospace is done online via the TUM application portal. As soon as you have registered there, you will receive a detailed list of documents that you must include with your application. Detailed information about application and enrollment at TUM can be found here: Application and Enrollment (including an FAQ-section)

In general, you must upload the following documents to the application portal:

  • Higher Education Entrance Qualification (e.g. Abitur)
  • German language certificate (e.g. Goethe-Zertifikat > level A2, telc > level A2, DSH-Test > DSH-1)
  • If applicable, proof of relevant extracurricular activities (e.g. participation in "Jugend forscht", Mathematics Olympiad, etc.)

Since the study program is entirely taught in English, please also provide proof of your English language proficiency (e.g. TOEFL > 88, Cambridge > ABC). Here you can find language certificates accepted by TUM. More information about important documents for your degree program can be found in the TUM glossary of documents.

Proof of pre-study internship must be submitted directly to the internship office after enrollment (

Details regarding the Aptitude Assessment Procedure

A prerequisite for admission to the study program is successful completion of the aptitude assessment procedure in English based on a complete application. All applicants who prove their suitability in the course of this procedure are admitted to the study program.

An evaluation is carried out on the basis of

  • the average grade of the higher education entrance qualification (e.g. Abitur),
  • subject-specific individual grades (mathematics, English, at least one science or computer science continued until the higher education entrance qualification), and
  • extracurricular qualifications (e.g. apprenticeship, internships, participation in competitions, ...).

This procedure is divided into two stages. Stage 1 comprises the assessment of the above criteria and their conversion to a point scale. Depending on the achieved point value, applicants receive either

  • a direct admission (in case of very good qualification), or
  • a direct rejection (in case of insufficient qualification).

Applications that do not warrant either direct admission or direct rejection will be passed on for participation in Stage 2 of the process. Please note: If one or more subject-specific individual grades are not explicitly shown on your transcript, you must participate in Stage 2 despite having a very good university entrance qualification.

Participants in stage 2 of the selection process will be invited to a selection interview. During this interview, candidates have the opportunity to convince their interviewers of their suitability for aerospace studies.

For details on the procedure (also for applicants with other higher education entrance qualifications), please refer to the (preliminary) Regulations for the Aptitude Assessment Procedure (currently only available in German; the linked document is for information purposes only and is not legally binding until official publication in the near future).

Calculation examples of aptitude assessment scores

Those who achieve a score of 78 or more in Level 1 (of the aptitude assessment procedure) will be admitted directly, provided that all subject-specific individual grades (Mathematics, English, additional science or computer science) have been reported in the university entrance qualification (HZB; e.g. high school diploma or transcript). If the applicant has 70 points or less, he/she will be rejected directly. All applicants whose score falls between 71 and 77, or who have achieved a higher point score in the absence of a subject-specific individual grade, will be invited to stage 2 of the procedure (aptitude test interview).

The following calculation examples are intended to show which combinations lead, in purely mathematical terms, to threshold values for admission or rejection after stage 1 (example grades are expressed in the German System with 1 being best and 6 being worst, TUM offers a grade conversion tool for international grading systems):

Rejection (70 points): Admission (78 points)

Example 1

  • HZB-average 2,5
  • Mathematics 2,5
  • (Natural) Science or Informatics 2,5
  • English 2,5

Example 2

  • HZB-average 1,5
  • Mathematics 3,5
  • (Natural) Science or Informatics 3,5
  • English 3,5

Example 3

  • HZB-average 3,5
  • Mathematics 1,5
  • (Natural) Science or Informatics 1,5
  • English 1,5

Example 1

  • HZB-average 2,5
  • Mathematics 1,9
  • (Natural) Science or Informatics 1,5
  • English 1,5

Example 2

  • HZB-average 1,5
  • Mathematics 2,8
  • (Natural) Science or Informatics 2,6
  • English 2,6

Example 3

  • HZB-average 3,2
  • Mathematics 1,0
  • (Natural) Science or Informatics 1,0
  • English 1,0

Dates and Deadlines

The application deadline for Bachelor's programs at TUM applies: May 15th to July 15th

Period for aptitude assessment talks: August/September

Please refrain from inquiries about the status of your application. You will be informed as soon as your application has been processed and frequent inquiries delay that process.

Extension of application deadline for bachelor degree programs

Due to the pandemic situation, this year's application deadline for the winter semester 2021/22 have been extended till July 30, 2021.


In short: Basic facts about the Bachelor degree program Aerospace

  • Start of studies only possible in winter semester
  • Full-time study program
  • Degree: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
  • Language of instruction: English
  • Main place of study: Garching near Munich
  • Standard period of study: 6 semesters
  • 8-week pre-study internship required before beginning of studies (until beginning of October)
  • Fees and financial aid
  • Stay abroad possible

Important documents

Academic and Examination Regulations (currently only available in German; preliminary version for your information; only the soon to be officially published version is legally binding)