You want to research climate change using earth observation data, revolutionize urban mobility with Hyperloop technology and flying taxis, or resolve land conflicts in developing countries? You are interested in the spacecraft and satellite design, or in digital surveying and representation from city planning to managing natural disasters? Are you still undecided and are looking for a dynamic and future-oriented degree program to prepare you to take on the most crucial technological developments in our society with engineering, natural science and mathematical skills?

If you have answered any of these questions with Yes, you will find a course that suits you in our catalogue of study programs. Whichever degree program your decision falls on, our graduates will be ready to embark on MISSION EARTH!

At the Bachelor's degree level...

...we are offering a course in Geodesy and Geo-Information. Our new Bachelor's degree program Aerospace starts into its very first semester in October 2021. Geography students at LMU can take part in the partial Bachelor's degree in Land Management.

At the Master's degree level...

...we are training future Aerospace engineers and provide a wide range of specializations in the field of Geodesy with the degree programs Geodesy and Geo-Information, Cartography, Earth Oriented Space Science and Technology as well as Land Management and Geospatial Science.