Flagship Projects

Where is the global trend towards urbanization taking us? What do we observe in our environment? And how will we travel in the future? Aerospace and geodesy address questions from central areas of life such as mobility, urbanization, nutrition and security. In interdisciplinary "Flagship Projects" the three disciplines combine their strengths and create new knowledge and technological progress at the interfaces. On this page we present a sample of characteristic and interdisciplinary projects of the department. The chairs and professorships present further projects on their websites.

TUM Hyperloop

A high-speed train racing through a tube system: a project team investigates how the Hyperloop can become a safe, affordable and sustainable future means of transport. More about TUM Hyperloop.

Future Lab AI4EO

Excellent scientists from all over the world working together on current issues in artificial intelligence – this is the idea behind the future labs funded by the BMBF. Among them is our future lab AI4EO. More about AI4EO.


A cubesat developed by students with particle detectors as payload: MOVE-III is an interdisciplinary educational project that combines strengths from geodesy and astronautics to explore space debris. More about MOVE-III.