Our mission is to develop a climate-neutral, ground-based transportation system, meeting the demand for ultra-fast connections between mobility hubs.
In order to enable a thorough research of high-speed transport systems, two complementary research objectives are pursued in parallel within the TUM Hyperloop program.

Technology Development

A full-scale technology demonstrator will be developed and built between 2020 and 2022. The demonstrator will consist of a 24-meter vacuum tube and a matching human-size pod.

The technical implementation is crucial for the development of a future Hyperloop system. Integration and functional tests are to be carried out on the demonstrator in order to identify problems at an early stage and research solutions that are technically and economically feasible. In addition, experimental data will be collected this way, which can be used for concept analysis.

Concept Analysis

Parallel to developing and testing the technology, models and analysis of the researched system and its large-scale implementation are necessary.

With these tools, various concepts are investigated for technical and economic feasibility and the system's long-term capability is improved. In addition, potential security risks are analyzed and identified at an early stage and suitable measures are developed. Finally, these investigations should result in proposals for suitable implementation options in the existing transport infrastructure.