1st International Conference on
Ultra-High-Speed Transportation

Research meets Industry

Organized by the TUM Hyperloop Program of the TUM Department of Aerospace and Geodesy

The interest in revolutionary ultra-high-speed modes of transportation has been growing considerably in recent years due to, in no small part, the publication of the Hyperloop Alpha white paper in 2013 by Elon Musk and the resulting large number of initiatives started all over the world. Newly founded commercial enterprises and student organizations as well as established academic institutions and industry-leading corporations have been drawn to the topic and have begun to explore future sustainable ultra-high-speed transportation options and develop appropriate technical solutions.

The 1st International Conference on Ultra-High-Speed Transportation aims at bringing together scientists and student initiatives with subject-matter experts from the mobility industry to foster the exchange of ideas and to discuss opportunities, potential impact and challenges of ultra-high-speed transportation. The event will take place in an online format (using the video conference tool Zoom) on March 1-2, 2021.


The conference includes four Sessions (Propulsion & Suspension Systems and Demand & Routes on Day 1, System Concepts and Infrastructure & Operations on Day 2), covering the key aspects and challenges of the hyperloop technology, as well as a Keynote Lecture and a Panel Discussion. Each slot of the Sessions will comprise a 13-minute-long presentation and a two-minute questions and answer session. Additional contributions will be provided to registered participants as downloadable materials only.

The conference is free of charge, but only registered guests will receive access to the live stream and to the additional materials.

The Organizing and Scientific Committees are looking forward to welcoming you!

Organizing Committee

Prof. Thomas Wunderlich (chairman)
Prof. Agnes Jocher
Prof. Thomas Hamacher
Prof. Mirko Hornung
Dr. Michael Klimke
M.Sc. Gabriele Semino


Scientific Committee

Prof. Thomas Wunderlich
Prof. Agnes Jocher
Prof. Thomas Hamacher
Prof. Isabell Welpe
Prof. Oliver Fischer
Prof. Stephan Freudenstein
Prof. Klaus Drechsler
Prof. Martin Werner
Prof. Andreas Wieser (ETH Zurich)
Prof. Johannes Klühspies (TH Deggendorf)

Conference Secretary

Stephanie Henne
Phone +49 89 289 55520