MISSION EARTH: Aerospace and Geodesy at TUM

Earth – the final frontier within our reach. Our mission is not just space. Our mission is the earth.

Man’s fascination with mission earth space goes back to the days of Jules Verne. Today, satellites and probes deliver fascinating images, high-precision data and fundamental knowledge about our planet and the universe. Aeronautics: the spirit of discovery taking wing. International mobility connecting people, cultures and economies. Geodesists measure our planet with absolute precision. They identify and visualize global mass transport, quantify climate changes and enable real-time navigation and worldwide communication.

We believe that to move our world, we must comprehend our world!

That's why we conduct research in aeronautics, space and geodesy to observe all the parts to understand and change the world as a whole. The focus is always on people and our living environment: mobility, urbanization, nutrition and secure communications are just some of the areas we aim to improve through our research and innovation. At the same time, we empower the best talents from around the world to take on their social responsibility and thus move the world.

Mission Space Valley

The Department of Aerospace and Geodesy (LRG for short) was founded as the 15th department of TUM and is to become the largest of its kind in Europe with a total of 55 professorships. More about the department and its staff.


Mission "Pioneering Spirit"

Aerospace and geodesy – for us, that is being fascinated by high-tech and exploring future societal topics. In our bachelor and master degree programs we are getting you ready to embark on our MISSION EARTH. More about our study programs.